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Working out of Hamilton, Ontario, the HRLMP has more than 700 Medical Laboratory Technologists, Lab Assistants, pathologist's assistants, and staff working alongside over 50 medical and scientific professionals to deliver leading laboratory diagnostic care to patients in Hamilton, around Ontario, and across Canada.

Many of our medical professionals have cross-appointments at McMaster University where they help educate the next generation of care providers. With laboratories located at each acute care site in Hamilton, and strategic affiliations forming a network of labs and logistic partnerships, we are one of the largest integrated laboratory service programs in Canada.



To provide leadership in all aspects of Laboratory Medicine, including service, education, and research, with the pursuit of excellence, encouragement of innovation and adherence to exemplary professional standards. The mission of the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program shall be supportive of the missions of the participating hospitals and of McMaster University.


  • Clinical and academic leadership in the Central South Region of Ontario

  • A single influential, academic organization with an entrepreneurial approach

  • High quality patient care through effective and efficient use of laboratory resources

  • Maximal provision of specialized and reference clinical laboratory services for the Central South Region


  • Respect: We will treat every person with dignity and courtesy

  • Caring: We will act with concern for the well-being of every person

  • Innovation: We will be creative and open to new ideas and opportunities

  • Accountability: We will create value and accept responsibility for our activities


The HRLMP is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System (QMS) that will support the sustainability of high standards of professional practice while monitoring, measuring and analyzing processes for effectiveness and continuous improvement.

The HRLMP’s QMS describes its intentions and commitment to meet quality requirements. These requirements are set by international and national standards and guidelines, national and provincial regulations, accreditation requirements, and our own objectives.


The HRLMP Quality Management System is designed to:

  • Support the HRLMP Mission, Vision and Values

  • Ensure that medical laboratory services meet regulatory and accreditation requirements

  • Meet the needs of patients and all personnel responsible for patient care

  • Support continuous improvement and customer satisfaction;

  • Promote error free work

  • Support high quality and appropriate laboratory services (e.g. accurate and precise results, appropriate test selection, timely reporting, correct interpretation of results, clinical usefulness, appropriate recommendations for further tests)

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ISO15189 Plus

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