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Special Hematology is a world-class laboratory that provides specialized testing and diagnosis for various blood disorders. It is comprised of four highly specialized areas that provide care for patients in Southern Ontario: Flow Cytometry, Red Cell Disorders, Special Coagulation, and Malignant Hematology. 

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry testing is a powerful technique that can analyze the characteristics and functions of individual cells or particles in a sample. It can help diagnose and monitor various diseases and conditions, such as blood cancers, infections, immune disorders, anemia, and blood clotting problems. 

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Dr. Menaka Pai

Menaka Pai is a Professor of Medicine at McMaster University and a hematologist and thrombosis medicine physician at Hamilton Health Sciences. She is also Head of Service for Benign Hematology at Hamilton Health Sciences, and Quality Lead for Transfusion Medicine in the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program.

She has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, contributed to medical textbooks as well as educational materials for the lay public, and delivered talks around the world. Dr. Pai maintains a busy clinical practice as well; as a benign hematologist, she has a particular interest in thrombotic and bleeding disorders, rare hematologic diseases, and the care of equity-seeking populations.

Glass Building


Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST


Amanda Cocca

Manager, Hemeatology

Sue McIntee

Manager, Hemeatology

Lorraine Phillip

Manager, Hemeatology

John Beattie

Manager, Hemeatology


Dr. Abdelghani Tbakhi

Discipline Director

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